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Dale always had a smile and didn't let much bother him. His wife Wendy and brother Rob were constant companions at the track and helped in anyway required.
I talked to him last week about 240 Gordie's passing. He was excited about 2014 and he had good reason. I'm going to miss him and the Canadian Drag Racing community has lost a great man.
Also it was through Dale's kindness that this site is here for all to enjoy. He set it up and put it on his nickel. So the future may be tenuous as I have no idea if anyone else has his passwords. If the site disappears that would be the reason.


Visitation is Sunday Dec. 15 2 and 4pm

Funeral is Monday Dec. 16 1pm

Barthel Funeral Home
566 Queenston Road
Cambridge, ON N3H 3J8]]>
2013-11-24T13:57:20Z 2013-11-24T13:57:20Z http://canadiandragracing.net/showthread.php?tid=709 <![CDATA[Winterizing Fuel Systems]]> Here you go.

2013-10-29T04:05:01Z 2013-10-29T04:05:01Z http://canadiandragracing.net/showthread.php?tid=708 <![CDATA[$500 reward]]> Im offering a 500.00 dollar reward for any information leading to the apprehension of thieves who recently broke into a friend / customers trailer in our lot at DSE Automotive in Brampton and pain painstakingly stole a race power glide and convertor.

Who ever took it was likely assisted. They carefull cut rear door handle to minimize damage to trailer, removed battery charger at rear, carried trans over and down side of newly painted car from front to exit at rear door. Left all the tools, put charger back AND CLOSED TRAILER door and didnt damage the car!

Needless to say they knew what they came for and exactly where it was. Trans is fresh 1.76 GM case with trans brake & 8 or 9" torq.

I suspect it is in the Halton area at this time, Anyone with knowledge of a similar trans for sale in this area or any one who may have recently seen one purchased please me know. I will respect the anonymity of an unwary buyer. (i already made arrangements to assist in replacement) I only need to confirm who stole it.

Dave Stirk 905-846-2682]]>
2013-10-23T01:45:45Z 2013-10-23T01:45:45Z http://canadiandragracing.net/showthread.php?tid=707 <![CDATA[What's on your Christmas list?]]>
Dear Santa:
Please bring me a dual-sided super bright led auto dimming dial board with a fibre linked lcd blue backlit compact controller with quick set switches and integral tail light.
That -
and a divorce.]]>
2013-10-19T18:26:11Z 2013-10-19T18:26:11Z http://canadiandragracing.net/showthread.php?tid=706 <![CDATA[Paton 13th in Nost. FC at CHRR live on net]]> http://www.bangshift.com Tim Nemeth #1 .... Frank Kunkel]]> false 2013-10-14T21:48:59Z 2013-10-14T21:48:59Z http://canadiandragracing.net/showthread.php?tid=705 <![CDATA[another alien attack]]> http://dragracingonline.com/agent1320/20...10-10.html]]> false 2013-10-13T02:17:14Z 2013-10-13T03:37:33Z http://canadiandragracing.net/showthread.php?tid=704 <![CDATA[PanicAttackRacing signs new driver]]> Close Encounters of the 7 Second Kind
We went out of this world to find a new
driver for the Panic Attack Outlaw Altered
and he looks forward to reaching
Warp Speed next season.

Happy Halloween

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2013-10-09T23:48:20Z 2013-10-09T23:48:20Z http://canadiandragracing.net/showthread.php?tid=703 <![CDATA[Dragster ID?]]> First is only lettered with the name "The LEEELIMINATORS" -(the Lee has 3 "E"S.) Rear engine.

Second is "The CANADIAN CONTENDER" -front engine with the name possibly of "Paula" on the nose cone of the body.

Pics appear to be from 1970 or so.

Thanks for any help on the ID of these two cars.]]>
2013-10-06T23:31:52Z 2013-10-06T23:31:52Z http://canadiandragracing.net/showthread.php?tid=702 <![CDATA[Congrats to Paul Noakes]]> false 2013-10-01T22:02:56Z 2013-10-01T22:02:56Z http://canadiandragracing.net/showthread.php?tid=701 <![CDATA[Hall of Fame]]> false 2013-10-01T15:11:25Z 2013-10-01T15:11:25Z http://canadiandragracing.net/showthread.php?tid=700 <![CDATA[OSCA2013Championship@TMP pics]]> http://www.flickr.com/photos/76993172@N0...2036/show/

2013-09-30T03:23:34Z 2013-09-30T03:23:34Z http://canadiandragracing.net/showthread.php?tid=699 <![CDATA[congratulations Mike -biggest win of the season.]]> Against about 70 of the strongest competitors from Quebec and Eastern Ontario.
A well deserved win.
Congratulations Mike and Cathie (and Murphy)]]>
2013-09-24T04:00:19Z 2013-09-24T04:00:19Z http://canadiandragracing.net/showthread.php?tid=698 <![CDATA[2013 DSE Championship Awards Ceremony]]>
Doors will open at 12:30 pm, lunch will be at 1 pm, it will be a buffet style lunch with some of the best food in Hamilton!

Awards ceremony will start at 2:30 pm. Ticket can be purchased by contacting Andrew Stirk at dsesportsmanracingseries@gmail.com

Tickets must be bought in advance, there will be no tickets sold at the door the day of the awards!

Lots of great Door prizes will be handed out as well courtesy of Abruzzi Racing tranmissions, Renegade Race fuels, DSE Automotive, Performance Improvements and NAPA Auto Parts!
[Image: Championship-Awards-Ceremony.jpg]]]>
2013-09-23T22:05:28Z 2013-09-23T22:05:28Z http://canadiandragracing.net/showthread.php?tid=697 <![CDATA[Last DSE race of 2013 Announcers Choice Winner]]> Looking foreward to awarding some hardware next season for some extra cool machines!

.jpg  DSE at TMP Announcer Award.jpg (Size: 209.12 KB / Downloads: 43) ]]>